Things You Won't Hear from STL Computer Services:

    "Just turn it off and back on again..."
    "You probably need a whole new computer..."
    "Removing one virus is $75, Removing more could be $150 and up....."
    "Your data is probably lost forever...."
    "I can't explain it to you because it's too complicated...."

We believe in getting things done fast, and we guarantee our work. Every phone call and email will be answered or returned within minutes. If you aren't satisfied with the work we did, call or email and it will be resolved.

Our Services
Computer Repair
  • Tune Up - Optimize your computer's speed and security - $79
  • Quarterly Tune-up performed every 3 months - $149/ year
  • Virus Removal - We will fix it FAST, with a 90 day guarantee - $49
Data Recovery

Hard Drive crashed? We can pull your old files and photos from the damaged drive on to your new one - $89

Cell Phone Repair

Cracked your screen? We can replace that for you! - $59 + parts

Network Setup

We will configure your router and all of your wireless devices, including phones, tv's, streaming devices and printers. We will optimize your setup for the highest speeds possible - $79

Remote and Emergency Services

Sometimes we can fix your computer without ever coming to your home or business.

  • One Remote Session - $49.
  • 5 Sessions - $129.
  • 20 Sessions - $299.
  • These packages do not expire. Use them in two weeks, or two years!

    Need something fixed FAST? We can do emergency calls from 7 AM to Midnight any day of the week! Call for details.

Software and Application Development

Does your small business or orginization need their own desktop or mobile application? Let us design, build and deploy it for you. Call us for details.


We are just about ALWAYS available. Give us a call or e-mail:

St Louis Computer Services

Telephone: (636)439-9765